We are looking for a blog writer

Dear Korean drama fans around the world,

KoreanDramas.org is currently looking for a blog writer, someone that enjoys watching Korean dramas and can update our site with interesting news.

We are looking for someone that can do this voluntarily and without pay. The main purpose of our blog is to provide our readers with free content. We do not make a profit from this website.

If English is your language and you would like to volunteer, please send me an email. galbilover AT hotmail DOT com.

Thank you and regards,

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2 Responses to We are looking for a blog writer

  1. joyce says:

    are you still looking for a writer?

    • galbilover says:

      Yes, I’m still looking for a writer. Shoot me an email and give me a couple of writing samples if possible. 🙂

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