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Jang Hyuk’s Midas Touch

Who would’ve imagined that the Jang Hyuk from back in the days as the prototypical dorky cowering boyfriend to uber alpha girlfriends i.e Shin Mina and Jeon Jihyun could transform into such a delicious scroundel complete with reverberating gruff throaty voice, … Continue reading

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Actress Ha Ji Won Expresses Her Thoughts About Coming Back to a Drama

Actress Ha Ji Won expressed her thoughts about coming back to a drama after a four years gap. She told the media that she had difficulties in acting like a man’s soul is coming into her body at the press … Continue reading

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‘Giant’ Further Delays the ‘Goddess’

Giant‘s steady and strong audience support and praise has sealed the deal on another 10 episodes extension to its already long (and tiring) initial 50-episodes run. Although it’s a well-performing drama so far, really hitting its stride midway around episode … Continue reading

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And That’s How You Milk The Light Out of Your Stars

Countdown commences for the premiere of SBS’s drama Secret Garden. Two more weeks to go and everyone is busy- shooting scenes, post-editing takes, leaking set stills, and finalizing foreign distribution rights. Taking a copy from a copy of a copy out of … Continue reading

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Trumping Rating Rank with Global Distribution Profits

It’s a good thing the people at Taewon Productions who are behind Fugitive Plan B have ample noogans between all of them. Sometimes, in this industry, business acumen is just as important, if not more, than the creative product offered. … Continue reading

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Queen ushers out Dong-Yi

Finally, after extension after extension till it ballooned to 60 episodes, MBC’s Monday-Tuesday historical drama Dong-Yi is finally going off the air. In it’s place will be a reversal of sorts- 20 episodes modern comedy with romantic shadings. Namely, Queen … Continue reading

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Why are they replacing the writer of Dae Mul?

The writer of the SBS drama Dae Mul will be replaced from episode 5. After episode 3, Dae Mul got more than 30% of viewer ratings and a good reputation from breathless fast pace of story. Hwang Eun Gyung wrote … Continue reading

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Dae Mul Reaches 20% After Episode 2 But Why?

It was expected that Dae Mul would be a very close match up with Runaway Plan B. But Dae Mul got a little more than 20% in viewer ratings after episode 2 and is trying to become dominant as a … Continue reading

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Gumiho’s Final Cameo

Halfway through the finale episode, there wasn’t much expectation left on seeing anymore cameo appearances. But then there he was sporting his You’re Beautiful hairstyle recolored to plum purple instead of its former sunny blonde shade. If that’s not a … Continue reading

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Theater Tested Actresses

As if Mary Stayed Out All Night doesn’t have enough appeal already, it can now confidently boast ‘real’ performing artists in whatever marketing or promotional gimmicks it chooses moving forward. The newest addition to the cast, joining Moon Geun Young, Jang … Continue reading

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