A Sign of Hye Mi’s Love For Sam Dong in Dream High

It seems that in every Korean drama there’s always a character that doesn’t realize his or her love for the other person until very late in the drama. In Dream High, Go Hye Mi still does not know that she loves Song Sam Dong.

In episode 12-13, Sam Dong is on stage without being able to hear the music. (He is not able to hear after seeing Shi Hyuk and Hye Mi kiss and getting emotionally hurt by it.) Hye Mi uses hand signals to help Sam Dong when to raise or lower a key note.

When Sam Dong lost faith in becoming a singer after losing some of his hearing abilities and did not come to school, it was Hye Mi who took notes of all the lessons he missed, went looking for him and explained everything she learned each day.

After the showcase, Sam Dong practices so that he can sing without having Hye Mi give him hand signals for a song. He comes to class and sings without any flat or sharp. Hye Mi is so happy for him. It appeared a little bit more than just friendship. I think it’s love.

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