Actress Ha Ji Won Expresses Her Thoughts About Coming Back to a Drama

Secret Garden Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

Actress Ha Ji Won expressed her thoughts about coming back to a drama after a four years gap. She told the media that she had difficulties in acting like a man’s soul is coming into her body at the press conference of Secret Garden, new SBS weekend drama.

She said, “The plot about switching the soul between a man and a woman is very interesting.” She also said, “Because Hyun Bin has to act like a man with a woman’s soul, we helped each other by copying each other.” She said, “I wanted to challenge myself as a different character. It is a stunt woman this time and it is very hard but it is fun.”

Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin had appeared together in the film “The Tall Man”. But because Hyun Bin was an imaginary character of Ha Ji Won in that film, this is their first time of acting together. She said, “Even though it is our first time acting together, Hyun Bin is very nice and easy going and I think we could make a good team.”

source: Newsen

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18 Responses to Actress Ha Ji Won Expresses Her Thoughts About Coming Back to a Drama

  1. secretgarden fan says:

    secret garden is the korean drama addiction…..[philippines]

    ha ji won @ hyun bin
    i love you soooooooo much

    this drama is really good, i mean very very good!!!

    #1 fan: CLIBBY ANN

  2. secretgarden fan says:

    every episode is breathless, exciting and very nice!

  3. aissy says:

    secret garden is an interesting one… very unusual to different fairy tales! especially when gil ra im came to an accident and she is dying…. this part is so exciting and breathless! hope you two can be together again in acting..

  4. Caycie says:

    super love **


    love it ..

    * ha ji won and hyun

  5. joyce says:

    secret garden is the best korean tv show i ever watch

  6. Niloufar says:

    In my opinion Secret Garden is the most beautiful drama I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen it 3 times but actually I wanna seen it again for the 4th time. I suggested my friends to see this drama cause it’s cool.
    Thank U so much

  7. Trisha says:

    “SG” Even a hardened heart can melt. A “MUST” see novel… You don’t want to miss every line of every character in every episode. Most especially, the way Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won look at each other, it expressed a thousand words.
    You will never tired of watching it over and over again!

  8. imy says:

    this dramma is very good…i loved hyun bin and ha ji won… good couple

  9. Amani says:

    I love this drama very much

  10. era says:


  11. Thida says:

    I super love this film, love actor and actress. hope u both act together in other film.

  12. Thida says:

    Hyun Bin ( Joo Won), i like u much much.

  13. darya says:

    hello ha ji won ifinished secret garde episodes last night that was fantastic youur playing and your face and your playing with hyun bin(joo won) that was the best korian movie i have ever seen gil ra im iam irainian and iam12 years old and iam one of your fans pleas if you had time and if you like save my e-mail adress and if you lik add me i really love you pleas reply my comment ilove you two kiss kiss kissss and ihave to say that isaw this movei 7 times and iwiil see it again iwish for you fortunate couple to stay with ich other for ever

  14. darya says:

    ha ji won and hyun bin iam your both fan . iwish for you two to stay with ich other for ever and play more films with ich other i love youuuuuuuuuuuu.if you like add my id iam 12 years old frome iran.

  15. darya says:

    as itold you i saw it 7 times imean the last episode

  16. darya says:

    hyun bin and ha ji won your acting was fantastic iloved it alot pleas stay with ich other for ever and play more films with ich other if you like add me kissssssssssssss

  17. mariya mimi says:

    i luv it . so gud and best actors

  18. Hafeez Mohd Zain says:

    I’m not the type of person who likes to watch dramas, but when i first saw this drama in the 1st episode i was stunt. Your acting is like i never seen before. Both of you, your face expression is great. Wonderful acting.

    This words came out from the heart and its true. Now i love Korean Drama. Especially when the actors are you both.

    Sincerely, from a fan from Malaysia. :))

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