Actress Lee Yo Won Comes Back in 49 Days

Lee Yo Won

Management office of Lee Yo Won told the media that Lee Yo Won is casted by SBS one year and four months after Queen Seon Duk as a drama heroine. Drama’s official title is not determined yet but it is known as “49 Days” right now. It will be a succeding drams of “Sign” and will aired in March 2011.

Lee Yon Won will play a double role which is Song Yi Kyoung and a lady possessed by Shin Ji Hyun’s soul and will give two character’s extreme opposite charm off. Lee Yo Won told that she picked “49 Days” from several other dramas because her double role is interesting and idea of possession of other person’s soul is fresh.

Writer, So Hyun Kyoung wrote “49 Days”. She was a writer of “Brilliant Legacy” and “Procecutor Princess”. “49 Days” is a story about a lady who has a car accident and in a coma who needs three drops of real tears from other people other than her parents to return a world. They said that Bae Soo Bin and Nam Gyoo Li was casted before Lee Yo Won.

source: Newsen

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