Cameo Countdown on ‘Gumiho’

Notoriously famous for filing the cast from their previous drama through their current one, the Hong Sisters have already got the girls, UEE and Park Shin Hye, from their last trendy cult-hit drama, You’re Beautiful, in cameos in their running SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It was a hoot seeing UEE get her hamburger meat stolen by the gumiho and left with only her buns and veggies. It was no less shocking seeing Park Shin-hye relatively girly hitting on her sonbae and intimated to scram by the gumiho.

Now the boys. Will schedule permit the boys of fictional band A.N.JELL in the drama to show their pretty faces in some form or another before Gumiho says goodbye to make way for Daemul? As all three actors have enthusiastically and readily agreed to an appearance, all that is in question is the time availibility in their activities.

Cameo is a particulary fun devise in any drama or movie because it never fails to elicit a ‘huh, is that who I think it is!’ moment. Following that begs the question from the viewers, ‘oh, did I miss any other?’ and a curious desire to review through previous episodes. Simply, cameo is an entertainment bonus. There will be many Hong sisters, You’re Beautiful, and Gumiho fans anticipating a turn from Lee Hong Gi, Jang Geun Seok, Jung Yong Hwa for their cameos. 


You're Beautiful Cast Cameos in MGIAG

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