Giant – How Will Jung Yeon Regain Her Career?

In Episode 36 of Giant, Jo Min Woo takes over Manbo Construction Company after secretly buying a large amount of the company’s stock and stopping all funds to build a new apartment. Jung Yeon is dismissed from the company and she lost her hope. However, two people try to help her by giving advice.

On the day before the announcement of a new owner of Manbo Construction Company, Lee Kang Mo sits down for a drink with Jung Yeon. He tells her, “Should I give you the reason [why the company fell apart] or should I tell you how [to recover from it]?” Kang Mo describes a time when Jung Yeon played with soil. “The more you want it and grab it, the soil breaks up and escapes. That is the reason why you lost everything.” He tells her that it is better to let go of it and that if she goes after something else she will become much more successful. He tells her that she has to be strong. “You’re giving the company to them; you’re not getting it stolen from those crazy people. Pretend that you’re giving everything and smile.”

Jung Yeon’s birth mother also gives her advice. When she asks her what she will do with her life after she stepped down as the CEO of the company, Jung Yeon answers “I am not sure what to do.” Her birth mother asks her, “What do you think you can buy with 100 Won?” “Do you know how much a token is for a bus?” “Do you know how much a fish costs at the marketplace?” Her mother tries to explain that people who make big money can not possibly know the power of small money. As small money adds up, it can overrun the big money of a company. That is a private loan business. Her mother tells her to come see her if she is interested but only if she throws away her life as the heiress of the Manbo Construction Company. Her mother does not help her in the form of money but she gives her advice and opens up a new road for her.

How will Jung Yeon regain her career and stand tall again?

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