Gumiho’s Final Cameo

Halfway through the finale episode, there wasn’t much expectation left on seeing anymore cameo appearances. But then there he was sporting his You’re Beautiful hairstyle recolored to plum purple instead of its former sunny blonde shade. If that’s not a dead giveaway hint, then what is?

The scene was a photoshoot with clearly a female and male model or actor/actress.  The first shot was a long shot, so the audience had a few seconds to get suspicious and set mental preparation as the camera swayed and grooved to the beat of the soundtrack until it finally zoomed clearly onto the characters’ faces- Park Soon Jin’s sly character Eun Hye In, an aspiring actress, and Lee Hong Ki’s Jeremy. That’s right. The Hong Sister gave his cameo character the same name from his You’re Beautiful character. They are so great creating these little fun coincidences, puns, kismet, and other tie-ins from their previous dramas that have become their hallmark.

This Jeremy is the object of Hye In’s crush. Here she is trying to decide whether to put her pride aside and make a move on him or continue her usual high and mighty act and risk losing the chance with another guy as she did with Dae Woong, whom she lost to the aggressive, forthright, and lovable gumiho.

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