Ko Hyun Jung Looking Very Young in Dae Mul

Ko Hyun Jung in Dae Mul

Is she really 40 years old? Ko Hyun Jung looks very young and pretty. Ko Hyun Jung was transformed to a young TV announcer.

She played a TV announcer role as though she was a real announcer in Dae Mul of SBS.

Dae Mul is a drama about Su Hyae Lim who used to be a TV announcer becoming first Korean Lady president.

In episode 1 of Dae Mul, Su Hyae Lim is getting camera test to become a TV announcer.

Ko Hyun Jung read the script without even one mistake and spoke “This is SBS News” with right pronunciation, vocalization and breathing just like a real announcer on last month’s camera test scene.

With her hair tied back together and a blue suit, no one realized that she is really 40 years old. One of the crew members said that he knew Ko Hyun Jung’s voice was good but he was very surprised when Ko Hyun Jung looked like real sophisticated announcer. He said that some of the TV viewers might think a real announcer came to the scene as a cameo.

Dae Mul will be first aired on October 6th after My Girl Friend is a Gumiho.

Ko Hyun Jung in Dae Mul

source: Sports Today

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