Runaway Plan B – Lee Na Young Returns After Six Years

Lee Na Young in Runaway Plan B

Actress Lee Na Young is coming back with a leading role in Runaway Plan B six years after 2004 MBC drama Ireland.

Lee Na Young is a actress with beauty and mystic charm. That is why she is one of favorite to advertisers and she became a CF Queen.

Surprisingly she didn’t have much luck as an actress.. Her acting career is more than 10 years since she did debut in1998 with a CF. She is famous so everyone in Korea knows about her but she doesn’t have any jack-pot hit drama.

Now Lee Na Young is coming back with a masterpiece which has star-PD and writer and a splendid cast. Gwak Jung Hwan (PD) and Chun Sung Il (writer) worked together for drama Chuno earlier this year. Bi / Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), Daniel Henney, Yoon Jin Su and Sung Dong Il will be in the drama Runaway, Plan B. Beside that, it’s immediate predecessor Baker King, Kim Tak Goo’s high view’s rating could benefit this drama.

Lee Na Young who never did any action movie or drama will be in lots of action scenes in this drama. If she could show her different charisma to viewers, this drama will get lots of attention and could be a big hit. Also Lee Na Young will leave her just pretty actress and become a box office star and character actress.

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