The Heroine of the Drama – Triple Sets of Revenge

Dramas gain popularity as the heroine becomes poisonous. Recently Korean dramas achieved high viewer’s rating because the heroine start to have her revenge with vengeance. We will follow the heroine’s style of revenge in drama ‘Giant (SBS)’, ‘Golden Fish (MBC)’ and recently ended drama ‘2010 Gumiho (KBS2)’.

Social destruction

In Giant, Hwang Jung yun (Park Jin Hee) prepares revenge for her lover, Lee Gang Mo (Lee Bum Soo) pretending she got aphasia because she found out Jo Min Woo (Joo Sang Wook) and Hwang Jung Shik (Kim Jung yun) killed Gang Mo. Park Jin Hee left a strong impression to TV viewers when she made a vow of vengeance in front of the mirror while combing her hair. Eventually she became a successor of her father’s construction company dramatically and began social revenge to Jo Min Woo deliberatively blocking the promotion and giving him a stress with even small things about company. She made Jo Min Woo who was in pivotal part of the Manbo Company to a Scarecrow. Addition to that Hwang Jung Yun is going to fight for her father’s company against Gang Mo because  she thought Gang Mo was trying to kill her father.

Every day I’m going to tease

In Golden Fish, Han Ji Min (Jo Yoon Hee) began revenge to her lover Lee Tae Young (Lee Tae Gon) by marring his father in law. Lee Tae Young betrayed her and destroy her family’s name and fortune after Jimin’s mother was involved with his mother’s death. Jimin is trying to give Tae Young various troubles and anxiety  in every day’s life right beside him. Probably Jimin’s revenge might be most brutal since Tae young could not avoid her.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

In 2010 Gumiho, Madam Gusan- Gumiho (Han Eun Jung) did most direct revenge. Before Gumiho’s daughter was killed by Madam Yang who was looking for a liver for her own daughter, Gumiho was very nice and feminine.  After her daughter was killed she changed to cold and brutal because of the thirst for revenge. Gumiho made Madam Yang (Kim Jung Nan ) to be killed by her husband and killed him by her own hand to revenge her daughter. Drama ended Gumiho was killed by Madam Yang’s daughter for revenge of her parents.

source: Sports Chosun

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