Trumping Rating Rank with Global Distribution Profits

It’s a good thing the people at Taewon Productions who are behind Fugitive Plan B have ample noogans between all of them. Sometimes, in this industry, business acumen is just as important, if not more, than the creative product offered. Fugitive Plan B is a stark case in point. Even though it is not performing as well as its rival, Daemul, which has been steamrolling ahead of the Wednesday-Thursday pack during its national broadcast, Fugitive Plan B hedged its profit in by selling its distribution rights way back during its production stage before it aired nationally under the ratings radar. Before coming into the searing competitive heat, there was the advantage of the frenzy, anticipation, and marketing monster in full force hyping up Fugitive Plan B’s stock.

It worked as Fugitive Plan B to date has already secured a clear channel to seven major drama viewing Asian countries in surely lucrative deals, thus stockpiling everyone’s bank account just a little higher and wider.  The countries bringing Rain and company to their countrymen via mass network broadcast dubbing or subbing versions are Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Other likely potential Asian markets the producers haven’t inked a distribution deal with yet are Japan and Vietnam, where Rain is very popular. Other markets outside of Asia like South America in countries such as Bolivia, Argentina and Columbia, are very possible clients in lieu of k-drama’s spreading popularity on those shores.

It’s nice and sweet to be popular at home, but most stars’ popularity is based largely on a solid business plan by their managers, agents, stylists, publicists, in short, a train of entourage and business people with money as their goal and bottom line. For Fugitive Plan B and other dramas that come up short from expectation at home, it’s a blessing that nowadays the home market is not the end all and be all for their hard work, time, and feedback. There is still life after poor ratings.

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