Why are they replacing the writer of Dae Mul?

The writer of the SBS drama Dae Mul will be replaced from episode 5. After episode 3, Dae Mul got more than 30% of viewer ratings and a good reputation from breathless fast pace of story. Hwang Eun Gyung wrote the scenario of Daemool episode 1 to episode 4. From episode 5, Yoo Dong Yoon will replace Hwang Eun Gyung.

Some of the viewers expressed the concern that the drama might change its storyline and terminate the drama’s flow. SBS official said that the writer of Dae Mul will be replaced because of the differences in opinion on the drama. He also said that the change of the drama writer might change color of the drama but they will try to maintain flow and unity. Publisher commented that the writer Yoo Dong Yoon was going to work together from the beginning but he could not because of his personal matter. And he reassured that there won’t be a sudden change of the drama flow.

source: stoo.com

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