You’re My Pet is Scheduled for a Winter 2011 Release

After the success of his previous TV dramas, You’re Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night, Jang Geun-seok will rock K-world again with his upcoming film, You’re My Pet. In this highly anticipated romantic comedy film, he will team up with a young gorgeous actress, Kim Haneul. Spoilers ahead!

You’re My Pet is originally adapted from a Japanese manga which was aired later under the title of Kimi wa Petto starring Matsumoto Jun and Koyuki. I personally did not like this Japanese drama that much; however, I’m very taken with the Korean official casting of its leads and of course the story line. It sounds adorably cute! Nonetheless to say, Kim Haneul is going to portray a career woman who is able to do anything, except finding the love of her life. She later decided to adopt a pet to cure her loneliness. Jang Geun-seok, in the other hand, will play a ballet dancer who has a dream to become a musical theater actor and choreographer.

Not shocking enough, some images from the film have eventually unveiled on the internet, showing our very first glimpse at the first day of producing. You can clearly see how the couples firstly met in the rain, with Jang Geun Seok sitting inside the box in front of Kim Haneul’s doorstep. Ah, that is kind of hilarious and SO adorable! Check the images below.
K-movies lovers, you better stay tune!

You're My Pet

You're My Pet

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