49 Days OST – Three Teardrops

49 Days OST Three Teardrops

“Three Teardrops” by Jae Hee

You will love me, you will watch over me, you promised to me
I'm here in front of you but you pass right by without noticing
Your name which is engraved on my bruised heart becomes a thorn
and pokes me
Scattered scent is carried by the wind and shakes me vigorously
The leaving image and falling tears, you must be in love with me 
I am sending you away because I could not ease even one of your 
painful scars
But leftover desire and falling tears, I could not erase even 
your name
I love you, I love you, I'm crying like crazy
I love you
I can't breathe because of the thought of you trying to erase me 
from your memory
The words that my heart is saying, if you hear them, hold me tight 
on a cold day
Flowing from both eyes, the first teardrop makes my stopped heart 
beat again
Flowing down the cheeks, the second teardrop wakes my 
forgotten memories
Flowing down to the heart, the third teardrop makes the 
forgotten scent the wind
I love you, I love you, tell me you love me
I love you 
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