49 Days Review

49 Days is a Korean drama that revolves around Shin Ji Hyun, a girl that gets into a big car accident a few days before her wedding. Her soul walks around and she meets the scheduler, the one that decides when someone dies. He tells Ji Hyun that she has 49 days to get three drops of tears in order to return to her body and become conscious again. Three drops of tears each from someone that is crying because of her. During the day, she lives in the body of Song Yi Kyung who is a woman that lost her family when she was a little girl and lived in the orphanage. Yi Kyung lives alone several years after her best friend’s death and she doesn’t care about her life and career.

Through her 49 days, Ji Hyun discovers that her fiance cheated on her and is trying to steal her family’s assets. She also discovers that her long time friend, Han Kang, is the man that truly loves her.

49 Days ended last week and the ending was surprising. Song Yi Kyung and Shin Ji Hyun are sisters. This is the part that was hard for me to believe. To me it seemed like the writer tried too hard to connect the two together but it didn’t quite make sense to me.

But the message of 49 Days is powerful. In the final minute of 49 Days, Yi Kyung and Han Kang stand in front of the grave of Shin Ji Hyun and Song Yi Soo. Yi Kyung and Han Kang say that people live their lives as if they will live forever but the two of them continue to live as if they have only have 49 days. Live your life as if you only have 49 days.

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