Athena: Goddess of War Review

There’s several reasons why I think Athena was a failed drama.

  • Jung Woo Sung had no charisma or muscles to show off during the whole series in comparison to Lee Byung Hun in IRIS.
  • Kim So Yun appeared in episode 17 of Athena and I don’t know why. Her family is killed by North Korean government and she swore that she would have her revenge. After that there were no sign of Kim So Yun. Was it a cameo in order to get higher ratings for this series? Will she be back in IRIS 2?
  • Did Yoon Hye In really have no choice to become a cold-blooded killer? She was a victim of riot in L.A.. Her parents died and she was saved by Son Hyuk. She thought of him as her older brother and was strongly influenced by him. But this is not enough for me to believe that she had to become a killer.
  • Soo Ae is not a right fit for Yoon Hye In. She has such an innocent-looking face, it was hard to believe that she killed anyone.
  • Han Jae Hee saw her father get killed by Song Hyuk’s gang. She should behave more professional like a real agent would. In episode 19, she went by herself with one handgun against a group of terrorists. This was very foolish of her and she died because of that.

Athena is a drama with a lot of action scenes but it failed to make me believe the story.

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