Giant Review


Giant is a drama that contains typical ingredients, love, betrayal and revenge. But why has this drama received such high TV ratings in Korea? There are several factors that make this drama a big hit.

Let’s first look at the cast. Lee Bum Soo and Park Jin Hee are two of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry of Korea. Jung Bo Suk, who was last seen in the High Kick Through the Roof, makes a return to the television scene as a totally different character. In the Korean sitcom, he played the role as a foolish and rather easily manipulated person and in this drama, he is Jo Pil Yun, a cruel and deceptive government officer.

Yeo Jin Goo and Nam Ji Hyun, who played the role of the young Queen Seon Duk, does an excellent job as the young Kang Mo and Jung Yeon.

The second factor that makes this drama a huge success is the story itself. Giant begins its story during the 1970s and Kang Mo describes how the value of the land in Gangnam, a region is Seoul, increased several hundred thousand times during just a forty year time period. All the conflicts in this drama occur during these forty years. Kang Mo’s father is killed by Jo Pil Yun, the family gets separated and he and his older brother, Sung Mo, try to have their revenge to the people that ruined their lives.

One aspect of this drama that I found a little bit unfitting is the transition from teenage Kang Mo and Jung Yeon to what appeared to be their early 20’s. Lee Bum Soo is now 40 years old and Park Jin Hee is 32 years old. They are too old to look appropriate for this age.

Giant portrays the corruption between politicians during this time period very well. Overall the drama is quite good and it will attract many viewers.


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