Important Message Told in Dream High 2

Towards the end of episode 9 of Dream High 2, an important message is left. Shin Hae-Sung was on stage talking about a dream. She says that the school is divided up into two groups. One is for the regular class and the other one is for the honor class. She asked the audience, “Is a dream only meant for the talented? If you have no talent, does that mean you shouldn’t even dream?”

“If you want to dream, you must first close your eyes. When you close your eyes, it doesn’t matter how people look at you. When you close your eyes, you can face yourself, not the person they see you as. I tell myself to never give up a dream. Because it is not for the talented but for people who dream. We will run for our dream even with our small talents.”

The message is strong and I believe it summarizes the drama very well.

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