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Sign is a different style of drama. It’s a story about a group of forensic doctors that want to reveal the truth about one’s death. Every episode is intense with a murder mystery that makes the viewer want to keep watching. Instead of analyzing the whole series, I would like discuss about the final episode.

In the final episode of Sign, Yoon Ji Hoon dies. After the autopsy, it was revealed that it was a murder. A camera was found in Yoon Ji Hoon’s apartment and it recorded everything. He tricked Kang Seo Hyun, telling her that he has another copy of the CCTV video #9 which is hard evidence that she murdered pop star Suh Yoon Young. He told her that if she does not turn herself in to the police he would send the tape to the television station and show the whole world what a stupid daughter the presidential candidate has. She tells him to show her the tape and as he looks for the tape, she puts poison in his tea. He drinks the tea and loses all his strength. She kills him the same way as she killed pop star Suh Yoon Young.

When the video was closely examined, the investigators learned that Yoon Ji Hoon saw Seo Hyun add poison to his tea using the mirror but he still drank the tea!

Old pictures of Go Da Gyung were left inside this camera and Yoon Ji Hoon smiles as he watches them right before his death. This is the part I don’t understand. Why would anyone use his own life to catch a murderer? Even if he had a strong will to catch the murderer, if he truly loved Go Da Gyung, he should have stayed alive and be with her.

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  1. yuimei says:

    I’m also confused by Ji Hoon’s motive for what’s essentially suicide. It seems like the writers wanted to avoid the typical fairy-tale ending that would include a Ji Hoon-Go Da Gyung’s wedding (I’ll admit to expecting that). Despite it’s tragedy, I think the last episode had some beautiful moments. The realization that Go Da Gyung’s admiration and seeming attraction to Ji Hoon were mutual, and in particular, the scene with all the forensic doctors/scientists watching the hidden camera footage. Lee Myung Han’s tears were powerful, and painful to watch. In fact, this entire finale was hard to watch.

    I loved this show and am sad it’s over. I like this style of k-drama and hope to find another like it.

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