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Anticipated Unhappiness With Paradise Ranch

There should be a clause in an actor’s contract stating that if said actor becomes objectively more popular and successive as scientifically measured by search queries rise and interests from the blogsphere in the course of his/her current role, his/her … Continue reading

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‘Giant’ Further Delays the ‘Goddess’

Giant‘s steady and strong audience support and praise has sealed the deal on another 10 episodes extension to its already long (and tiring) initial 50-episodes run. Although it’s a well-performing drama so far, really hitting its stride midway around episode … Continue reading

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Giant – How Will Jung Yeon Regain Her Career?

In Episode 36 of Giant, Jo Min Woo takes over Manbo Construction Company after secretly buying a large amount of the company’s stock and stopping all funds to build a new apartment. Jung Yeon is dismissed from the company and … Continue reading

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Giant Review

Giant is a drama that contains typical ingredients, love, betrayal and revenge. But why has this drama received such high TV ratings in Korea? There are several factors that make this drama a big hit. Let’s first look at the … Continue reading

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Yi Yi Je Yi Tactics Found in Giant

In episode 31 of Giant (aired on August 31st), Jo Pil Yun told Sung Mo that he read many history books in the prison cell and he is going to use one of the tactics from them to get Manbo … Continue reading

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