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Queen of Reversals’ Romantic Run Down the Stretch

For some reason, it’s generally the case that the second male leads in many, if not most, Korean dramas end up winning a dominant chunk of the audience popularity vote and thus the male leads’ thunder. This almost never happens … Continue reading

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Queen ushers out Dong-Yi

Finally, after extension after extension till it ballooned to 60 episodes, MBC’s Monday-Tuesday historical drama Dong-Yi is finally going off the air. In it’s place will be a reversal of sorts- 20 episodes modern comedy with romantic shadings. Namely, Queen … Continue reading

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‘Queen of Reversals’ and Her New Court

When a sequel to 2009’s sleeper hit Queen of Housewives was announced, it was marketed as a real sequel, in the universal definition of the word, complete with the same characters, continuing time line, and background. At last count, real … Continue reading

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