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The Greatest Love OST – Don’t Forget Me

“Don’t Forget Me” by Hu Gak Love is far away, if you see it, you cry in pain That’s why I’m leaving you, to love my love, goodbye goodbye goodbye Don’t forget me, even if I live for one second, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Love OST – Hold My Hand

“Hold My Hand” by IU You are feeling it, your heart is beating How long are you going to try to read my mind Tell me your heart, don’t ignore it Hold my hand, following your heart Now, hold my … Continue reading

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The Greatest Love OST – Because You’re Mine

“Because You’re Mine” by G.NA Something must have went in my eyes so tears keep shedding Someone that is hiding in my heart makes me cry again Even if you can’t hear, can’t you hear my heart Can you hear … Continue reading

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MBC’s New Drama The Greatest Love

MBC’s new drama ‘The Greatest Love’ is about a top star’s love story. Cha Seung Won plays the role of a national actor, Dok Go Jin, that everyone thinks highly of. But he is a bitter man who is well … Continue reading

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