City Hunter: Park Min Young “Kim Nana” Talks about Lee Minho and Crying Scenes

Having pegged to play Kim Nana on ongoing K-drama City Hunter, Park Min Young recently had a small interview discussing on her co-star actor Lee Minho, her role, and the epic crying scenes. As the picture has showed you everything, the interview seems to take place after the couples finished the endlessly-repeated judo scenes.

Reprising her role as Kim Nana, a girl that Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) adores at the first place, she remarked on how she loves to portray this very bright and brave woman. She later confessed, “She’s an adventurous woman who confesses to Yoon Sung first thinking that she should always be by his side.” Well, apparently so, since Kim Nana is a character who has succeeded in overcoming her own fears. I personally adore this character as well.

This beautiful 25-years-old actress also commented on her amusing Judo scenes with Lee Minho, ”I got trained in Judo for about a month but since there is a significant height difference between me and Lee Minho, there were some risks for injury. But since we shoot Judo scenes very often, Lee Min Ho swiftly falls over when I lift him. He does it well so even though it’s hard, it’s very fun and satisfying when the scenes come out nicely.”

In the end, Park Min Young eventually shared her personal experience while doing crying scenes. Most of us might have thought that one of the most difficult scenes is when the actor has to cry. I have noticed some of actors gave a hard effort in bringing some tears when committing crying scenes. This young girl has some acting powers! She called it ‘3-step crying scene’, “Because I cried while thinking about my own parents, it was a scene that was very close to my heart.” We were touched too when you did those crying scenes!

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