Twenty-five Twenty-one Review

In the final episode of Twenty-five Twenty-one, Na Hee-do breaks up with Baek I-jin and says an interesting line. She says “I want to share everything with you. Your sadness, frustration, happiness. Everything. We’re lovers only during the good times. And a burden to each other during the bad times.” While I can somewhat understand I-jin too, why share things so that two people can suffer? If I had to choose one, I’m on Hee-do’s side. I’m not talking about just romantic relationships. There’s been so many relationships where I feel like I’m sharing all my deep hurts and the other person is not opening up.

우리는 좋을때만 사랑이야 힘들땐 짐이고.

I wonder about Na Hee-do. Did she marry someone that person who really shares everything with her, even during the tough times?

The cast, dialogue, and acting is excellent. I give it a 10/10. 🙂

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