Historical background of “Princess’s Man”

KBS drama Princess’s Man is a drama that is based on one of the saddest historical fact of the Lee Dynasty.

The 7th king of the Lee Dynasty, Sejo became a king and killed his nephew, King Danjong.
To become a king he had to kill Danjong’s great supporter, General Kim Jong Su.
This drama is a love story between King Sejo’s daughter, Selyung and General Kim Jong su’s son, Seungyoo. It is kind of like an old Korean version of Romeo and Juliet.

There is no record about King Sejo’s daughter in the official history. In the unofficial history book named Geumgyepildam, King Sejo’s daughter, Sehee expressed her strong opinion against her father about stealing the crown and she has to flee because of her father’s anger. Sehee happens to meet a man and falls in love without knowing he is a Kim Jong Su’s grandson. In Geumgyepildam Sejo regrets what he did after he gets old and tries to find Sehee. Sejo wanted to help so that Sehee and her husband could have a normal life but they hid in a cave and lived there.

In the drama Princess’s Man, Danjong’s sister Kyunghye and Jung Jong’s love story will also be featured. Princess Kyunghye lost her mother when her brother was born and lost her father at age 16. She had to endure the fact that her young brother lost his crown and died. After her husband Jung Jong was killed by Sejo after he tried to take Danjong’s crown back, Princess Kyunghye becomes a slave . Her story seems to be more sad.

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