King Geunchogo, Mix of Historical Facts and Dramatic Fiction

KBS drama, King Geunchogo, which is based on the novel “Resentment of Continent” by Lee Moon Yul is getting a lots of interest from viewers these days. Mix of historical facts and dramatic fiction of royal succession of Baekje and war for the territorial expansion and conflicting destined love, all these element are inducing viewers’ curiosity and imagination. Japanese history book claims that King Geunchogo is the second son of King Bilyoo. In the drama, King Geunchoigo is described as the fourth son of King Bilyoo. King Geunchogo took the throne back from King Gye, 12th King of Baekje in the power struggle between factions and accomplished Baekje’s restoration.

An era of King Geunchogo is the period of prosperity for economy, political power even in the culture. He killed King Gogookwon of Goguryeo in the Pyungyangsung Battle and took the possesion of the land from Goguryeo. He also expanded Baekje’s land territory to the Jolla Area in the south. For the land territory, King Geunchogo’s era is accounted as the largest since the founding of Baekje. He also entered in the providence of China Liao, installed Baekjegoon there and made Baekje the center of the trade by securing the sea routes.

“Someone who gets the Han River, he is going to run the Han pennisula. And someone who gets the West Sea, he can dream about China.”

This is a quote that King Bilyoo told his son, Yugoo (King Geunchogo) when he decides to make his fourth son to be next king even though his first son was prepared to be a next king for a long time.

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