Baker King, Kim Tak Goo Review

Baker King, Kim Tak GooIn this drama, Yoon Shi Yoon stars as Kim Tak Goo, who is an illegitimate son of the rich Goo family. His father had an affair with a nurse and she delivered a son. Through jealousy and selfishness, the mother of the family also has an affair and gives birth to a son, Ma Joon, so that the family’s inheritance can go to him. She and her lover deceives the entire family and they do everything it takes to separate Kim Tak Goo from the family.

Yoon Shi Yoon’s last appearance in a Korean television series was in the very popular Korean sitcom High Kick Through the Roof, where his character, Jung Joon Hyuk, was much different than Kim Tak Goo. The character, Jung Joon Hyuk, was very spoiled and he often disrespected his English tutor. It was only after meeting Shin Se Kyung when Jung Joon Hyuk started to mature and learned to take care of other people and love them. The character, Kim Tak Goo, was raised by his poor mother and she often teaches Kim Tak Goo many important virtues. Kim Tak Goo is a loveable character and you will see just what I mean when you watch this Korean drama. He cares for other people before himself and as he becomes a very skilled baker, he starts to use his hands to make wonderful bread for people and to become the very best baker.

Kim Tak Goo’s step brother, Ma Joon, played by Joo Won, is quite the opposite of Kim Tak Goo. He was raised by a rich family but he wants to be acknowledged and be loved by his father and does not care about anything else.

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo is an intense drama that will keep you entertained.


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