Han Ji Min Returns to Popular Writer’s Drama

Korean actress Han Ji Min will return to writer No Hee Kyung’s drama. The new drama is titled ‘The Love, The Wound, and The Rain Shower’. After the end of the ‘Cain and Abel’ which aired in April of 2009 on SBS, Han Ji Min was waiting for No’s Drama even if she got a lot of love call from other drama.

Writer No Hee Kyung is famous as a language alchemist and she is one of the writers who has lots of mania fans. She is a writer of ‘Lie’, ‘Goodbye Solo’, and ‘The World They Live’.

‘The Love, The Wound, and The Rain Shower’ is a story about a family that lives in the countryside. Like No Hee Kyung always expresses in her dramas, it will show the love in the family and how to overcome hardship with love.

Han Ji Min’s character is going to be the first daughter of the family who lives with her mother and grandmother.

Bae Jong Ok who is one of the No Hee Kyung’s best pick will also star in this drama.

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