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49 Days OST – Three Teardrops

“Three Teardrops” by Jae Hee You will love me, you will watch over me, you promised to me I’m here in front of you but you pass right by without noticing Your name which is engraved on my bruised heart … Continue reading

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49 Days OST – Nothing Happened

“Nothing Happened” by Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) Tears are falling without knowing I wiped my tears because I don’t want you to be washed away Could have erased you, could have forgot you The days without you make me … Continue reading

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49 Days Review

49 Days is a Korean drama that revolves around Shin Ji Hyun, a girl that gets into a big car accident a few days before her wedding. Her soul walks around and she meets the scheduler, the one that decides … Continue reading

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49 Days OST – Tears Are Falling

“Tears Are Falling” by Shin Jae You are breathing, you are living In my heart Heart is beating You are walking In my heart From the day you came to me, was longing You are calling me Tears are falling … Continue reading

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49 Days OST – Can’t It Be Me

“Can’t It Be Me” by Tim When you cry because of sadness The one who could cry together with you Even when everyone in the world turns their back on you The one who could hold your hand Whenever you … Continue reading

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New Song Sung by Tim Shines in Latest Episode of 49 Days

In episode 10 of 49 Days, there was a new song that caught my attention. It’s titled “Can’t It Be Me?” and sung by K-pop star Tim. The song will begin to go on sale on April 21st. This is … Continue reading

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